Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pumpkin Cake In A Bowl

Inspiration... a little round pumpkin and one of my little round bowls!....and out popped a little round Pumpkin Cake!
You can do this too, Loves, with any round bowls and your yummiest spice cake recipe. 
Put a recipe in each bowl, whip up a warm caramel filling  and stick the rounds together just after they come out of the oven... wrap tight and put in freezer, (makes them really moist and cools them quick.)
"Pumpkin Orange" frosting was really fun to make...(cream cheesy, of course)...lots of yellow and a bit of red.
Frost when cool enough and find the perfect pumpkin stem...and there you have it! Delicious, Darling, Fun ...and You created it!!!

Happy Day to you all!

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