Monday, November 1, 2010

Five Dollars In My Pocket...

My new studio is really wonderful and finding sweet things to use in it is so much fun!
I stopped at the thrift store yesterday, with five dollars in my pocket, and guess who came home a happy girl!

one broken lamp....1 dollar
one torn shade....25 cents
one dirty lace dresser scarf...50 cents
one dented silver champagne bucket...2 dollars
one rusted frame...25 cents
one ugly brass tin...1 dollar

Transformed into...

one, very cute, rewired lamp
one shade covered with clean lace dresser scarf...tied with ribbon
one polished champagne bucket...filled with paint brush bouquet 
one frame, painted...with a new mirror
one brass tin sprayed cream...filled with erasers

A darling arrangement of usable things for my work station!

What corner of YOUR world are you going to transform?
You could be surprised, you may just have some treasures right under your nose...or a stop at the thrift shop (with five dollars in your pocket) might be a treat after your morning coffee!

I hope you have fun creating something new today, Loves!

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