Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What Color Is LOVE To You?

"Pink" Love Story 

I was five years old when My Dearest Auntie asked me what color Love was to me....I said... "PINK"...and every single year from that moment on she planted the most beautiful PINK tree in the whole wide world... on My Birthday!

I was forty three when God took her Home....

An incredible birthday each year, an acre of PINK IN BLOOM!!!!! The most amazing sight and feeling! The sweet fragrance of a million blossoms and the softness of  a Pink Cloud in full bloom above me is something I will never forget!

The first tree she planted for me was a Japanese Flowering Cherry. It was just outside her biggest window and the most magnificent of all! Always in it's full glory on My Day.
We would sit and marvel at it's beauty and size. Every family picture was taken under it...'Our Favorite.' With each coming year we anticipated how beautiful it would be.

On my birthday in 1993 the phone rang and she said..."Darling, the cherry tree didn't bloom this year!"
I gasped, and we both cried!

Two weeks later, she went to Heaven..........

Such a story of Love! Of listening and knowing a little girl's heart and understanding, even then, what beauty meant to me. I will always marvel at how she knew how to love me...and how she was able to make all things special and wonderful!

When I arrived back home, (I had moved away), most of MY PINK CLOUD was still in bloom...but not...'Our Favorite!'  I stood there under it feeling so alone and sad, and as I looked down, right out of the bottom of the trunk, there was a tiny twig...with one PINK BLOSSOM! 

I knew at that moment that God wanted me to know I was not alone and that I was Loved!

Even though I live far away now, I know that the bloom of Spring is just around the corner and MY PINK TREES will be in their glory! 

Thinking of My Auntie this morning and My Precious Gift I  put together a Pink Treasury on My Etsy Page to share with all of you.

Have you ever thought of what color LOVE is to YOU?...or to someone you love?...or what you could do with THE COLOR THAT IS LOVE TO THEM ?

Happy LOVING, Loves!


  1. Periwinkle.

    Because that's my first memory of you teaching me how to live in the right side of my brain :)

  2. Paula...such a sweet story...I blogged about you today! *L*