Wednesday, January 5, 2011

May Your New Year Be Filled To The Brim With Love!

A Very Happy New Year Loves!
May it be filled...To The Brim With LOVE!

I have been pondering on the year and thinking of all of the Love that it held. Have you ever thought of that?
OH My Goodness! It suddenly becomes absolutely filled to the brim and overflowing!

The simplest of things can say...I Love You.

My Precious Grandchildren giggling as they walk into the house and call out..."Nana"...makes me feel like a warm blanket of Love just wrapped all around me!
The thoughtfulness of My Wonderful Husband...each and as tho, even without a word, he can surround my world in Amazing Love!
All of My Children home at the same time is Love to me. The fact that they simply "Made It Happen"...feels like being in God's arms!

Thinking of our own actions and showing someone else our love is such joy!!!! 

Paying attention...

What do we do that puts the Biggest Smile on their face?

What is there that they need help with?

What can we do to be sure that our Patience and Kindness is ALWAYS available for them?

Just very simple thoughts from a very simple girl wanting to be sure that a year filled with Love is the goal!

...and so for fun and a sweet reminder... I filled some bowls right up...To The Brim With LOVE!!!

May this New Year hold Love for You...
May you Fill and be Filled...right up...
To The Brim With Love!

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