Monday, January 16, 2012

A Very Happy Monday To You!

'My Aqua Monday'

I have a Very Precious Friend who always reminds me to have a "Happy Monday".
For some reason it seems Mondays can be a bit overwhelming, and her sweet reminder helps me to put everything in perspective....and then I sigh...and when I sigh the sweetness of her words fall over me.
She has encouraged me to remember that Mondays can be for simple, wonderful things...and not a huge list of breathless 'to-dos'.
I love this about her and I want you all to have this little gift in your pocket for the Mondays that seem too big.
Because of her, my Mondays are now...

No Rushing!
A cup of coffee with a dear friend...
A walk in the fresh air...
The quiet of just being still...
and...listening...because when we listen the amazing thing is that we cannot rush or worry or be stressed.

My Mondays were always a swirl of things I had to get done...(Because I see everything in color), I saw hundreds of colors, and I would get overwhelmed. Mondays are Aqua, which is her favorite color, soft and calming and never swirling!

I made this painting on a Monday because this is what they feel like to me now...

Have a Happy Monday, Loves
and can paint your day any color you choose!

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