Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Her Name is "Antoinette"

Painting furniture has always been a love of mine and it seems that as the whole world is doing just that right now...Poppy House needed to get back on the wagon! 

Taking a forlorn piece of discarded furniture from what it was to Who it really deserves to be is such fun!

This sweet little desk was absolutely darling, but not in good shape at all. She hadn't been loved or cared for and had some pretty rickety joints. Her hand built drawers didn't fit and her legs were very wobbly. After a lot of tender lovin' fixin', by my wonderful handy dandy husband...she could stand stand up straight and start to feel like she was worth something. All she needed was a pretty dress and some fancy shoes and to the party she could go! 

Her transformation was such fun! Almost a Cinderella Story! 

With her fancy gold leafing and vibrant colors she is now dressed
for the party and will surely be turning heads!

I thought it would be fun to share her with you! 

so....the moral of the story is to Always Know that with a little fixin' and a lovely new dress to the party we can go!

Hoping you can find something fun to dress up today!

Happy Day, Loves!

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