Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Gift

On the sunlight path to my studio...A Gift!
The most beautiful nest and perfect blue eggs!

Why was it on my path?

I love nests! I am always on earth can one tiny bird, with no hands, build such a perfect home for something as fragile and delicate as teeny eggs and babies without feathers?

"A nest is a perfect home, one without any nails"

Marveling at My Gift, I began to think of Our Nests and that this time of year always makes for "cozy-ing" them up.
and so...a precious reminder to me to make My Nest cozy and warm and soft and wonderful for a winter season at home with my loved ones.
I made an oil painting of My Gift to be always reminded of how important Our Nests are and what a Gift it is to have one to make wonderful!

Is there A Gift on your path?

or...has the smell of Fall in the air touched your heart and inspired you to start "cozy-ing" up Your Nest to make it warm and wonderful for your loved ones?

Happy Nesting, Loves!

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