Friday, December 10, 2010

One Little Note!

Hello Loves!

'Tis the Season'...and I have found myself way too usual!
How about you?...are you realizing, right about now, that there just isn't enough time to make it or bake it or create it? too!...and so for today, I have decided to do just one little thing...Write a note!...just hand...that tells one person one thing about them that is special to me.
That's all...and then I am going to walk to the mail box and mail it.

It is 'The Season'...but each and everyday is too, and...if we could always remember that one sweet thought, from our heart, to someone else truly is a gift, we would realize that what we can make or bake or create really isn't so important. Our heart touching theirs is what matters most!

All of a sudden you may find yourself, as I did, thinking of many wonderful moments... don't get overwhelmed!...This is for today... Just Today!...there will be other days for... "One Little Note"...for one special person... when it isn't even 'The Season'.

Who are You thinking of today, Loves?
Is there a precious person that blessed you by being with you when you needed them most? Was there a loving look that encouraged you or is there someone that you admire and love...Tell them!

Just..."One Little Note" little one special person, today...written by hand...and mailed!

We may all be surprised at how many "One Little Notes" we can little day at a time!

Blessings To All...

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